Land use plan

Become neighbour of renowned companies

Connect to Europe's denset infrastructure.

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Full - Service from a single hand

For anyone considering an investment in a new site with plenty of space in one of the most attractive core regions of Europe, the Intermunicipal Industrial Park Dorsten/Marl with its high-grade infrastructure and flexible plot dimensions is an obvious choice.
The special marketing concept of the Industrial Park includes individual, service-oriented support, encompassing the provision or arrangement of qualified personnel, professional regulatory facilitation management. All of which mean savings in your time and money.


Optimise procedures

The quickest possible official procedures are guaranteed for your settlement in the Emscher-Lippe- region and thus also at the "Dorsten/Marl Industrial Estate " location.


Industry mix on location

The main industries industry, logistic and recycling offers you ideal requirements. In addition it is located close to further Industrial- and chemical Industrie- Parks. Take your chance.



Centrality amidst the most important European Economic Area

  • 70 hectares of industrial area free of old neglected deposits, are immediately available for new settlements.

  • 60 Mill. people live within a 250 km circumference.